Our cafe was established with the themes about love, happiness and hugot series. It is open for couples who would like to express their love through the sweetness of milk tea paired up with any choice of nosh from the menu. It is also open for barkada hangout where they can share their loudest laugh while enjoying their food. Family members can also enjoy their family time with little chitchats matched with our light meals. And of course, it is also open for those who are alone-but- not-so-lonely individuals who would like to have a “pamper day” for their selves. The food establishment is open for all-willing to provide a space for happy faces.

But what makes our cafe special? It is our top-secret recipe that we exclusively use in making your favorite milk tea. It is attested and affirmed through the customer’s feedback. The ambiance inside is cute comforting, lovely and instagrammable that will sure remind you that it is nice to love, be in love, and generally, to be happy.


To gain the trust of our customers, employees, and business partners. To inspire people and maintain highest standard of quality and ethics in everything that we do.


To be a leader in innovation, service and quality among the most admired and respected companies in our industry by the year 2023.


To provide a substantial income and to create a business and working environment where both the customer and employee are treated with dignity and respect.

  • Product– We aim to serve the best quality and most interesting varieties of milk teas, fruit teas, frappe, and smoothies, and accompaniments at all times to everyone.
  • Service– We strive to treat our customers respectfully as our guests; we intend to offer our guests service that is prompt, efficient, friendly, and relaxed.
  • Environment– We will provide a pleasant, welcoming environment, and will maintain a clean and attractive bubble tea café at all times.
  • Workplace– We want to be a great place to work. We aim to create a positive, respectful workplace and to empower our staff to be themselves and to achieve their fullest potential.


  • Establish a stable foothold in the market in every branch the first three months of operation through our bubble tea products.
  • Provide excellent customer service every day.
  • Ensure safety as our topmost priority in everything that we do.
  • Guide the staff, achieve their optimum potential in the workplace.

High-Five Rule

  • asdsadsad

    B- less the store with positivity. Start and end your day with a prayer. Do not forget the Opening, 3PM, 6PM, Closing mandatory prayer.

  • BetterBrews

    R-ight preparation yields right results. Quality and Standards must be observed in the workplace.

  • BetterBrews

    E- ngage yourself holistically, sincerely and politely with the clients as well as your workmates.

  • BetterBrews

    W- holeheartedly greet your customers, show appreciation, and never forget to show how grateful we are for their presence.

  • BetterBrews

    S- olid teamwork and collaboration at its finest. We are more than just a family. We lead, we conquer, we are extraordinaire.

BLESS the store as well as the team to be RIGHT in executing our roles and responsibilities every day by ENGAGING ourselves WHOLEHEARTEDLY and become SOLID members of the BREWS FAMILY!



For a business to operate legally and securely, they must comply with the necessary business registration requirements and be listed in several government institutions such as the Intellectual Property Office (IPO)—the agency that facilitates trademark registration in the Philippines.

According to the IPO, a trademark refers to “both trademark and service mark, although a service mark is used to identify those marks used for services only.” Simply put, a word or group of words, sign, symbol, logo, or a combination of these can all make for a trademark.

The right to a trademark is given by the IPO to the first one who files the application and serves as your trademark protection within the Philippines only.